The owner of 10% of ZIN and more acquires a respective share of the rights to participate in the management of the Zingi project. Legal registration of rights is carried out. The corresponding share of the right to:

- domain addresses, websites, intellectual property;

- management of Zingi project's tokens and all funds collected within ICO and listing on stock exchanges. Except for the funds allocated for the acquisition of shares, from the calculation of the cost of ZIN at the time of the start of the ICO.

Tokens aimed at acquiring shares are credited to the development and support of infrastructure.

When ZIN's capitalisation reaches $ 1 billion, the owner of 0.1% ZIN becomes the beneficiary.

You can create many different interfaces and applications, but ideas and solutions that can attract global audiences and Zingi first among them, offering new forms of communication, submission and selection of information. The implementation of all forms and means of communication, united by the idea of ​​creation of the language by users, will be a significant competitive advantage.